Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips for Tots

on Tuesdays... yep that is what I decided is going to be my topic.. Let's face it raising our little ones is tough stuff.. and I will welcome any hints to make life easier .. can I get an Amen?

Some ideas may be things that I have found works for my children... other things might be from the bountiful words of wisdom from some of the Mentor Moms from my MOPS group... perhaps others are a quick tip that a friend gave me or perhaps I read it in a book or online someplace.
I'll try and give credit where credit is due, so you all don't think I am some know-it-all-mama-raising-perfect-kiddos-. HA !!

In turn, I will welcome any comments that you want to share with good tips that work with your little ones or maybe you saw it someplace as well..

*** when eating out*****

we are those mean parents that think that even though we are eating out, we still have to eat fairly healthy.. SO our kids RARELY get juice.. they always get milk. On a special occasion, they'll get chocolate milk.

Except Beckham.. after his Dr. visit, we started ordering him chocolate milk every time. In fact it was on a whim, that he pulled out this trick and he sucked the yumminess right thru the straw for the first time a couple weeks ago.

What to do? Keep in your purse one of those vertical little paper punches. Then when the milk comes you don't have to take that foil seal off.. ( I went for years w/ Brig and Tate spilling all over) and the straw fits nicely down thru the hole.

So there you have it.. one little thing that makes our dining out experience less messy !!

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