Wednesday, January 28, 2009

decorating dilemma

and I need your help bloggers!!
but first here is a picture of the four of us at dinner Saturday night. It was one of the best nights out we've had in a long time! We sat there for 3.5 hours before somebody looked at their watch and realized we probably should be heading on. The meal was fabulous. The girls both got the prime rib special and the guys also got some $40 best cut off the bone steak special. The preggo's decided against a spirit, though it was mighty tempting. So our boys drank our share too.. .lol.
As the conversation covered a wide range of topics.. a few times one of us would say "I sure hope no one is listening to us!!". we all got dessert and of course mine was the worst of them all. they had been kidding me all night that whatever the server suggested as her favorite, was what I chose. I was a total sucker.

the bread pudding was not fabulous. but I picked at it anyway.
ok, so now on to my decorating dilemma..... My mom is getting me a new lazy boy chair for my birthday, and while picking the style of chair was a sinch.... the fabric of choice.. not so much.

this is the living room from the entry way

and then from behind the couch looking out

and from the fireplace looking out.. notice the couch of an eggplant color variety.

view standing in the living room , looking into the dining room

and sitting on the couch looking into the dining room from a different angle.

so we have the jewel tones going on for sure. the kitchen which you can't see, but the dining room sort of has the same flair is a 'french country' kind of look.
meaning reddish accents, big ol' french clock , and lots of roosters tossed around.
As we think about a potential move in the near future, I am leaning towards similar colors, but with more of an eclectic style with rustic, and antique pieces mixed in with our traditional stuff.
you'll notice that our current chair is a lovely poop brown color. does not go with the rest of the room. but hey, it was given to us by a guy I used to work with at the hotel. We've had it for almost 5 years, and he had it for about 20 years before that. so , um, its time to for it to find another home.

here are the fabric swatches that I have been stressing over. I do have 2 favorites, but would love your input.





Ok, so let me know which one you think works best!!
thanks =)


charlotte and clarke said...

Man I feel so out of date in your life. Especially missing your birthday, I am the worlds worst friend. I promise to make it up to you! I love reading your blog. Lets stop playing phone tag and get together for real.

charlotte and clarke said...

I like #2 or 5

Anonymous said...

1 or 3

Lisa Howard said...

Just an opinion, but number 4 seems to have the most "french country" feel to me. I love number 1 with the color of the sofa, but not sure it falls into the direction you seem to be wanting to go.

This feels so bizarre...offering advice to a stranger. But we are all friends on this world-wide, scrappin'web, huh? Ha! Please take the advice as nothing more than an opinion. I am certain no matter what you choose it will look fantastic. BTW, let us know which one you choose.

Stephanie said...

I like #1 and #3 as well. However, I agree that #4 does seem the most "french country". Good luck!


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