Friday, January 16, 2009


While I haven't really been scrapping much lately, I did finally clean off my scrap table last night, and find a pile of about 10 pages that were half done!!
I have a scrap night planned for tonight,so I thought I might as well, see if I could find my mojo again, and put the finishing touches on these pages! So here are some of them.
As you know, I am a totally random scrapper. I hope to change that in 2009. Like I want to actually organize my pictures into the empty creative memories storage boxes I have. AND I actually want to put my finished pages into the albums. Poor Brigham only has 3 albums filled and Tatum has just her first year packed. these are both really making me want summer to be here now.

not sure why this came out so bright! not my favorite, but I wanted to get down this little song, daddy started singing to Brig at jammie time!

obviously I am a year behind on both the Halloween and the homecoming. my goal is to at least scrap those same 2008 events tonight!

ETA: I am totally bummed to hear that my favorite scrapping magazine with many of my fellow scrappy friends as their creative geniuses, is going to be no more.
You can read about Simple Scrapbooks here.

I have a serious problem in taking way too many pictures at way too many events. Any of you scrappers out there have tips on how to stay current? I finally got all my files on the computer organized, but when I look at each folder by month for the last year, I am completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of pictures from things we do. I think my problem is that the inner scrapper in me thinks that everyplace we go , and everything we do, should end up on a scrapbook page! thus, the never ending, never happening scrapbook pages. LOL !!
so send your hints my way!!
moving on to
the last two days have been ridiculously cold here in Indiana. like if you open the front door, your snot sticks to your face kinda cold.
I seriously laughed out loud when the weatherman said the high would be -14.
I again have reminded Andrew that this will be the last IN winter I suffer through!
so since even when you crank up the heat to an insane , going to pay out the butt for it, temperature like 78 degrees. ....
its still to dang cold to want to defrost yourself off the couch to make any kind of in depth meal.
so I thought since much of the Midwest is as miserable as we are, that SOUP could be the answer to get us through the winter months.
the problem, is that I don't have many good recipes for soup.
this is where you come in, fellow blog readers...
I am going to have a SOUP SWAP!
If you're interested, leave me a comment with your email address. (and your name, if I don't know you).
By Tuesday of next week, I will send out the information on how to do this recipe soup swap!
and fyi... "open a can of Campbell's " doesn't count!
By next weekend , I will compile a list of all the recipes and get them out to you on Monday the 26th. It will be just in time to get us through February!
YOU know you want some quick and yummy.. (and don't forget soup makes a lot and you can freeze it, (or just sit it out on your back porch ) for when you don't want to take time to cook dinner!
This will be fun!!


Emily said...

Hi Liz, you can count my in with the soup recipe exchange. I made two soups this week. We love soups and stews. By the way your scrapbook pages are adorable.

Shauna said...

Count me in, Liz!! My family loves soups and I love them cause generally they are easy to make!

Brandi said...

I have a really great and super fast & easy recipe to share!


Nicole said...

Hey Elizabeth - Wow - love your scrapbook pages. The best I can do is get shutterfly books put together and printed! :-) Count me in for the soup recipe exchange - I have a great, easy, yummy chicken and noodles soup one everyone loves!

Valerie said...

Count me in too!! There's nothing like soup on a cold winter day!! And I have the perfect recipe too!!

J said...

count me know my name and email



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