Monday, January 19, 2009

the drama.... for real !

I just was having a long talk with my husband tonight after dinner about all the ridiculous drama that we had to deal with over the last year. He keeps reminding me that I was just playing with bad people... but seriously!
I am like the girl on the bachelor tonight that started puking, b/c of all the drama going on in that crazy house!

I am thinking I should only have male friends from now on... b/c as my husband pointed out as he so lovingly (suffered) through 12 girls fighting for one man under one room, that Guys Hate drama.
I actually think its because of their lack of brain cells some of the time, that they just forget what they heard, or whatever. But seriously, when did you last overhear a group of men sitting around coffee 'gossiping' about their so called friends.

Yep, I think that's why I would get along better with guys. I would rather puke than sit around at Starbucks talking about people. Though once you're married, it seems to be sort of a ta bu thing to go hang with another guy.
Though I did go to lunch several weeks ago, with my best friend from college.. who is a guy! And it was awesome. So refreshing.
and so I think I am done watching the Bachelor. if its all petty drama, and back stabbing... its lost the entertainment factor for me. I think I get to emotional about it all, and really feel bad for the girls.. same with True Beauty..... its stirring up on there too! I really feel bad for the girl everyone hates.
Like an old friend just posted on face book today... mean girls really do suck. really , really bad.
ok, I am done.

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(ok, couldn't resist the Seinfeld quote)


Ann said...

This is why I teach at an all male school.

Emily said...

I know what you mean. For such reasons I don't participate in many "women events." I also hate drama and so make fun of people that are all about the drama. Thankfully my hubby doesn't mind me making fun of people! LOL is that mean or what?!?!


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