Saturday, January 10, 2009

just a bit of chatter

Well , we made it thru the first week of adjusting to the routine. getting up and out the door, running here and there.
Brigham's gymnastics class went well on Tuesday. Last year we just did a half hour and this one is for an entire hour. I could tell a big difference in his listening and following directions than he had displayed last year.. also, he and his little girl friend, spent quite a bit of time running off the mats and back to us moms on the side lines.. now with the babies, we sit upstairs, so they can't come running to us.. lol.
the babies did fine with all the toys.. despite the grossness of them.
On Thursday Brig's preK class was learning about the letter 'P' so they got to wear their pajamas, and they had pancakes for snack. Brigham proudly wore his new frog footie jammies, that Santa brought him. Its so funny how just changing the dress of the kids, threw their hyperactivity through the roof!
I am still getting the rest of the Christmas clutter put away. It always makes me sad, since, it seems like I just put it up, but boy , does it bring me such visual peace to have it gone.. ahhhhh.
I actually keep my greenery and berries up throughout the winter months.. seems to go well with my Valentine Decor(yes , I have decorations for heart day!)
Yesterday we had a great lunch with one of Brigham's preschool friends. Her mom and I became quite good friends last year when Gabby and Brig were both in preschool together. They were not church goers, and visited our new church a few times this summer and they have been regular attenders for the last 6 months or so. pretty cool. The mom works, so we usually try and get the kids together a couple Friday's a month when my friend has off.
Anyway.. we went to Chic Fil Et, and guess it was the place to be! We ended up seeing two other good friends of ours, and 4 other people that we know from preschool. Shows, that we are in a small town.. there are like two choices of places to go with kids.. that or McD's..(and its pretty dirty) So this is pretty nice, now b/c Tatum can go play in the play area with the big kids, and I don't have to entertain her the whole time...
you moms can relate that going on play dates, or lunch dates with kids, is not the best environment for good adult conversation right?
My husband doesn't get it. He has always thought that a stay at home mom's life is just fun and games. I keep asking him to switch places with me. He won't go for it.
Though I am getting the itch to go back to work again.... hmmmmm.
Last night Andrew and I had a much needed date night out. The kids spent the night at grandma's house, so we had the whole evening.
We went to eat at this new place that the moms on my LDS message board had been raving about all week. One of their members actually just opened up the "Hawaiian Hut" on Tuesday.
I have to say it was pretty fabulous. The atmosphere was really cool. Just the tropical paradise escape I needed from the gray bitter cold we've been having lately.
The place was packed and we did see several familiar people from the LDS church. It was very fun. Andrew ordered the macadamia nut crusted chicken w/ coconut dipping sauce and I had the terriakyi chicken.
Each plate came with amazing brown rice, and loads of fresh pineapple. YUMMMM.
We ordered crab rangoon also, that actually beats our favorite from the Chinese
So if you are a local... then I highly recommend trying this place out. The prices were very reasonable too.
Our plan afterwards was to go furniture shopping, but the store was closed at 8pm! So we ended up going to the mall for a few returns, and then we went to Starbucks , where we sat on comfy chairs, sipped on wonderful goodness and actually had uninterrupted conversation!

We've had some nasty weather come our way, so we stayed put and basically watched Monk and Food Network all day today!! We did run out to Lazy Boy, where I found 'THE' chair for our living room. I am kinda in the re-decorating mood lately... and with the latest Pottery Barn catalog arriving on my doorstep this week, I am wanting to get a move on it. Have I mentioned that I don't have patience?
ok, so I finished editing the pics from Christmas, and am feeling really lame for it being nearly the middle of January, and I haven't shared them yet... and now I am posting this on Andrew's mac, and for some reason I can't pull off the pics from my pc.
so you'll have to wait.. again. I promise they'll make you smile =).

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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