Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here's to Brigham...

He's the Helper of the Day!! He will help us with our work, he will help us with our play, Here's to Brigham, he's the helper of the day!! Hooray!
I had one very excited little boy this morning. Today was not only helper of the day, it was also his 1/2 birthday celebration at school!
So I made these yummy cupcake cones.
very much kid approved!! lol

After preK, I let him choose where to go to lunch, since we were kinda celebrating his bday.
We went to Arby's. It worked out well, though most of my lunch dates are with other moms, so I wasn't quite sure how to handle some of the maneuvers and preparations, solo.
Luckily, the place wasn't crowded and they must have some senior citizen discount, b/c the place was filled with grandparents. They probably thought I was the worst mom, for leaving them attended while I ordered , and got up and down to get stuff. But they were always within eye sight, and one particular grandma had quite the conversation with Brigham.
Imagine that?!!

and here is our 1/2 birthday boy after dinner, having the very last cupcake for dessert!
not sure he really deserved it, b/c we had some 'issues' both leaving preschool and leaving gymnastics today.
I seriously walked in the house, tonight(thankfully to a sweet husband, who had dinner nearly on the table) and handed off a stinky little girl, and told Andrew if I could drink right now, I desperately needed the sweet taste of a raspberry smirnoff and sprite.
We are having major problems, getting this energetic 4 1/2 year old, to listen, follow directions, and have a positive attitude, when it is time to leave somewhere...
(school, chic fil et, gymnastics, play date.. church.. whatever).
any suggestions out there?
or any suggestions for a non alcoholic treatment to cut the edge for a frustrated mama??

Well, I am off to watch American Idol. This winter has gotten me holed up at night and tuned in to trash.
Mondays are the Bachelor, though Andrew was home last night, and wouldn't go for it.. I don't blame him.
He did suffer thru True Beauty with me. When I saw the previews, I thought, what another ridiculous reality show. But I saw it last week.. and was kinda hooked. I like the spin on it, and it is amazing to see how rude and stuck up some of them are!
Quite frankly, I can't believe some of them got picked thinking they are any bit of beautiful. maybe for the ratings.. you always have to have those ones that will bring the drama.
but I admit, it is entertaining, and I know I am losing brain cells every Monday night..

I have a photo session tomorrow morning, with a very pregant mama. actually since Friday, we've been waiting for a phone call that she was in the hospital... its that close.
but I do hope we can do it, she is really wanting some maternity pictures.


Emily said...

Hi Liz, the cupcakes are adorable and what a fun way to celebrate. We don't have issues with Noah leaving places but we have "issues" with getting him to bed. It is always "I'm hungry." Kids can come up with the best things to drive mothers to the point where they need some alone or quiet time. So are you taking pictures of Kristin?

The Noonan's said...

Great idea for the cupcakes! Hope you are enjoying the deep chill - we played outside in short sleeves yesterday but will be in with the -5 wind chill tomorrow! I would love the info for the book. I was just thinking about doing somehting like that - have a good week -


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