Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ok, so I have been trying to upload pictures of Brigham's birthday part all day... blogger is not cooperating. =(

I have also been trying to edit pictures from two recent photo sessions, and my eyes are going a bit wonky.

All this is in between putting said birthday boy in time out 437 times today.

and in between, giving said birthday boy 292 spankings.

and changing 876 poopy diapers from a pretty stinking adorable little man

and wiping a snotty nose of an adorable blonde headed , pink bow wearing little girl.

I have about 27 unfinished projects right now... and I am just about going batty!

Example: made a sandwich for lunch... and finally got to eat it 2.5 hours later due to all the interruptions.
oh, yeah.. one of those was taking the time, to clean all the green algae out of the sand box, b/c some little boy and little girl, decided it would be fun to fill buckets of water and mix with the sand.
guess, how else would you make a sand cake?.. however, putting the lid back on and keeping the moisture in, created the lovely green stuff.
I did get some help with that task, as a whole lot of water and dish soap was a perfect place to play.
just wished it would have occupied them for more than 10 minutes!!
so ..that was my day...
and we're off to Brigham's school open house in an hour, and then back to host life group.
Gotta go get my toilets cleaned!
(and hopefully, I can get the party pics up later!)


Kat said...

man, i now know how crazy it is with 2 kids- can't imagine 3!!!

Emily said...

Crazy . . . just doesn't explain it. I know what you mean about the diapers!! Hello!!! Breast fed babies sure can poop. Yesterday morning by 10:10am (between Vince and Victoria) I'd changed 4 poop diapers and had four outfits soaking including one of my outfits because of Victoria's EXPLOSION!!! I was covered in the stuff from one of the diapers. Oh how fun it is!! Talk about a "crap" shoot for a morning!


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