Tuesday, August 04, 2009

a good follow up post

to my previous title eh?
I never shared pics from Fair Week!!
We always love going to the 4-H Fair . totally an amusing time. Andrew and I always take bets on who is going to see the more of "his or her" crowd.. b/c I grew up here, and thus always end up seeing lots of "townies".. and well, Andrew worked on the other side of the river and always runs into that "special kindred folk"..
throughout the night, we tallied up the votes. I think he won this year, but I won the "saw the last person you ever thought you would at the fair " award.
anyway, our fair comes to town mid July, its always hot, and we have always gone with a newborn Brigham, and a newborn Tatum and now a newborn Beckham.
it is INdiana after all, gotta get them used to the trashy, hick side of the state! and oh MY!!
the fair did not disappoint.
the fair is always the teen age hangout of choice as well. and this year brought us the Goths.
we were so impressed(confused!) that Andrew even took a short video of the queen Goth girl and her friends... b/c it really was that unbelievable. and to show Tatum, what she may never , ever sport out in public. this girl was hard core for sure.
so our favorite, thing is to gorge ourselves with the greasiest , fattening fair food ever...

why would I take a picture of my guy eating corn on the cob, you ask?
because in all the time I have known him, he has never eaten it that way. always cuts it off the cob.
I told him, when in IN.. do what the Hoosiers do. and this was the yummy grilled in the husk with gobs of butter corn on the cob.

and here are the kiddos devouring an elephant ear. Mom's favorite. so much that I had to get two, b/c I knew they would be fighting me for it. Andrew prefers a funnel cake, but he still had a few samples of this. WHO could resist OVER PRICED, FRIED DOUGH, covered in SUGAR and BUTTER?
and just so you all know, two days later, we had some friends bring over a new baby meal.. and would you believe they did not bring a dessert? shame.. shame.
so we just HAD to go to the fair again, to get another elephant ear!!
I swear this year, I am going to figure out how to make them!

while the bigger animals stunk to high heaven.. we spent most of the time with the chickens and the rabbits.
Tatum loved, loved petting them through the cages, and was totally excited when we came to a table with one out and ready to be played with.
her new phrase for the next few days was :
"Ta Ta touch bunny.. soft" !!

my son does not usually wear a bracelet.. he had made that in church and found it in the back of the van... had to wear it....

and this is the ride that Brig chose to be his first ever, Join in the Fun with the Carnies ride.
We have never let him do anything else, then play one game, and he always chooses the same one.
guess the shape under the duck swimming by.
Being five years old and all, we decided we would let him choose one ride. These dragons actually swung around pretty fast, so I didn't get a good pic. Andrew took a little video on our FLIP camera.
Its pretty cool, b/c you get the entire ride, with Brig's reaction from the very beginning to the end. You also get Andrew's almost gonna hurl reaction first hand!!
I am so happy I could be able to experience my little man's first carnie ride too!
so that was our fair... what is your favorite part of the fair?

Guess who is growing up?

just did some quick ones, b/c I am still waiting on a couple props, and it was really cloudy so I didn't want to pull out all my backdrops and stuff . He was one month old yesterday, but we missed his Dr. appt. stupid , stupid construction.
missed Brigham's 5 year physical too.
seriously we were stuck in stand still construction for 15 minutes.
so we are rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Hoping for good sunlight to finish up Beckham's photo shoot tomorrow afternoon.

ain't he cute?


Heather Crawford said...

Lol, yep the fair is the best place to find the "interesting" people in your community all in one place..

Yep, he's cute!

The Rock Star said...

Tell Andrew that I too cut my corn off the cob. In fact, I am making some right now and will be cutting it off the cob to freeze. :)

Beckham is SUPER CUTE! :)

kels said...

hey!! i just found your blog from katie's! your kids are so so so adorable! i love the faces brigham makes. cracks me up.

see you tonight!


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