Sunday, August 23, 2009


to find balance.

last week in Life group, the topic was on what do we spend our time doing? Is it something that is furthering our friendships, family relationships, or spiritual growth?
so often, we can't even put a finger on what happened to the time as we come up with excuses as to why we didn't read our bible... or call a friend... or sit down with a child to read a book... or have dinner ready... or , or.. the list goes on and on..

I am finding that I am being pulled in so many different directions. I love , love being home with the kids.. but sometimes, I wonder if I wouldn't get more done, and would obviously be a HUGE benefit for me to go back to work.... (that has been on my mind a lot).. but then I think about some of the benefits of me being at home, both for my children, and my well being.
but then I think about how my window of time would be that much less w/o being home all day.. so would home maintenance suffer? would my sanity.. either way? lol

I find that when the kids are napping,(thank goodness, my kids nap at least 2 hours) I can do any number of things.. but the window of uninterrupted time is scarse... so am I making wise decisions on what to do with my time?
I am busy with my photography.. and the editing and marketing side takes a lot of my time. Cleaning the house , and the maintenance. ie.. decorating projects, that I always seem to have going on.
Scrap booking. Closet cleaning. Maintaining friendships., Meal planning and preparation. a nap... community outreach... blogging, email.. and um.. Facebooking!!!.......and notice all of these things I have listed, and yet prayer, and time spent with JC is not even on the list yet!!
kinda gives a big kick in my hiney, to point out where my priorities are...
so back to the life group thing... they were basically saying that it is pretty normal for us as Christians.. and really, we have been getting away from the "religious" factors for a while now... (that is a whole other post.... LOL) of reading the bible, doing devotions, praying at meal times..etc. etc.
we actually CAN experience a relationship with JC w/o all of these things.... (again.. another post)
but are we putting in what we need in to the right areas of our lives. So I challenged our life group peeps, to come up with one thing that they want to be held accountable for. We have a month to focus on doing that thing.. could be dinner with the family every night.. could be prayer time at bedtime with the kiddos.. could be calling friends... reading the bible.. whatever..
So interesting as I was thinking about all this, that I came across this post . while some of our thoughts are different.. we are definitely on target in several areas.

I know I turn into a major B if I can not be creative. and my lack of organization and that desire to work on my creative outlet creates a visious cycle.

If you are reading this, and you feel any tiny bit like me, then leave me a comment.. and if you are brave enough.. share one thing that you are going to prioritize to make happen more regurally in the next month!
We can do this together... yes?....


Kat said...

i feel the same way!!!!!
i think my hubby and i are going to work on spending quality time just the 2 of us.
great post, thanks for sharing

kels said...

i'm still trying to figure out what i want to focus on. because there are SO MANY things i could choose. ugh.

Katie McDowell said...

i too am trying to figure out what i want to focus on. i think more than anything, i might have to focus on what i should not be doing instead. i am a television and internet junkie (i say as i sit on my computer watching the tv). i think i could do so much more if i just shut these things off and wasn't so easily distracted by them.


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