Friday, August 28, 2009


Lots of new things going on around here... thought I'd share them....
new profile pic on face book.. still hoping for a good pic of all three looking at the camera.. I have high hopes for Beck's 3 month photo shoot. Beckham: he will be 2 months next week!! geesh.. and growing right along.... has new tricks:
lifting is head is an everyday thing.. and he is getting so strong!

and last week he started smiling... though its always when I am making silly mommy faces at him, and not when I have my camera in front of my face. go figure. caught this one.. I think he is smiling with his eyes =)

and Greg and Kelli got a new swing for their baby, so they brought us ours back... not really sure , if he would like it, b/c the other kids, didn't really care about it too much.. Beckham trying out his new swing.
I think he likes it, huh?

Brigham: loving week 2 completion of kindergarten. we are seeing these new reports coming home each day. yay!!

and he has found a new love in t-ball. finally getting the hang of fielding.. (at bat, has always been his strength).. doesn't he look like a serious player .. lol

and Miss Tatum is sporting her (mama's) new favorite hairstyle! I finally had the patience to sit down and braid her hair. I can't wait to try the two down the back that meet in the middle ....

(oh, and Tatum found a new replacement for the phone. that would be the calculator.) maybe she is thinking it is a like a razor phone or something.. lol)

and we are in week two of sitting on the potty. actually had the dora potty since right after Beckham was born, but we have just mastered sitting on it (with out the lid up) and with out screaming bloody murder!!.. she is in mid- bite- of -cookie here...

don't ya just love the accessories?.. she got these back for Christmas, but they broke right away.. she got some new strands of pretties from grandma last weekend, and has been sporting pearls nearly every day now!

And we are now doing this new tantrum, when in the stroller and we won't let her out. She is generally a good stroller rider.. like on our morning walks, I don't hear a peep out of her, unless she sees a dog, or hears a bus. then there is all kinds of excitement!

and since we're home alone now... Tatum can choose her shows, w/o being over ruled by Big Brother... so we are back to PBS... (the only channel we had until Brigham was 4) . Now, we have all the 'cool' channels, so he is to 'old' for PBS... lol
don't worry, I monitor very closely, b/c most of the Disney, nick, and cartoon network shows annoy me like crazy.. totally not appropriate for his age.. anywho...
so now that Tatum is calmly relaxing with the chaos of big bro... she has found Clifford to be her new favorite show.
and I learned something new too: like how Clifford came to be the BIG RED DOG?
any of you out there know?

and here are some (not so) new pages.. did them over the last few months.. but new to the blog. I have been terrible about posting pages..
Actually, I took a scrapping hiatus and just now hopped back into it last weekend while Andrew was at his Fantasy Football draft(s). I just have to finish up a few more things on them, and then will post them next week. I am having fun using up all of my over flowing stash of stuff.
I won't describe any of them, if you wanna see detail, you can click to see a page bigger.
totally random pages. but that is how I scrap.. completely random. maybe I'd get more done if I had a better system though.. lol !

yeah.. only two years behind in the birthday departments.. I do have Tatum's first bday almost finished.. and gotta get her 2 year old finished.. then I'll feel better..

oh, and I got a NEW do last week! My hair had gotten so long during pregnancy, and it was time for a new color, got it chopped off and it feels so much better!
I created a new profile pic for my photog website:

and I am heading out for a girls night out tonight which is also something 'new' for me lately.
I have a few good girl friends that I get together with and hang one on one.. but it has been awhile since I had a group like this. We went to see The Ugly Truth a few weeks ago(highly recommend it, it was hilarious and cute) and tonight we are doing a fondue thing.
I hope you are all doing something new and fun !


Katie McDowell said...

tatum is even cute when she's pouting. i would never be able to say no to her. oh, and i too hate how babies quickly stop doing everything when you grab a camera. soon enough though, he'll let you document his smile. can't wait to see it!

Jocelyn said...

Oh what a beautiful family!!!! I just adore your pics!!!!! Loving all that creativity...just perfect!!! The new DO is adorable and enjoy with girls night out!!!! :)

nichole said...

not sure where to start, but need to let you know i love your new haircut! cuper, cuper cute! i also love your tv stand AND your kids are beyond adorable! i can't believe Beckham is almost 2 months already! wow! such cute kiddos! have a great week & i promise to message you my info real soon :) i'm gonna have Nate go to the post office tomorrow for shipping costs. :)

Kat said...

your new do looks cute!
LOVE your pages, i'm sooooooooo behind!
jessica has that same green dress, and also has been sporting the pearls her grammy just gave her. i think our girls would be bff's if they lived closer ;)
oh, and didn't clifford get big by eatin and eating and eating as a puppy????
love all your pictures!

Emily said...

I know what you mean about the cartoons!! I can be in the other room and hear the TV on and get annoyed with the voices of the cartoon characters. Some days I have to tell Noah "no cartoons today" b/c I just can't take the voices!!!

The pictures are very cute on your blog by the way. I hope baby is enjoying his swing . . . Victoria likes it better than either of her brothers did!! : )


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