Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am in denial

that the time for me to go to the most awesom-est store ever, whenever, I want, with any number of children may be a thing of the past. I usually visit the Target 2-3 times a week.. and when I just had baby Brigham, it was more like every day. We usually do things like this as a family.. meaning daddy is included. and since the arrival of baby Beckham, we now take TWO carts, which you would think makes the experience that much more glorious... more room for more STUFF., right?
well, no, that would not be the case because . one cart now houses one adorable bow headed toddler. the above picture is to remind me of what a precious angel she is... most of the time.
except for when mommy took her to Target yesterday and plunked her in the basket of the cart, while baby Beckham got to ride of front.
we had been doing fine, cept, she did not want to sit down. I had repeatedly told her to sit down and explained that she could get hurt, and fall down, etc..etc..
Since I have the big carrier in front, I can't always see if she is holding on, or even if she is up on her knees. I had been going carefully and slowly up and down the aisles, still reminding her to sit down on her booty.
well, I made a sudden move, in the granola bar aisle and she fell. luckily it was in the cart, but it did bust up her knee. and there was blood.(a tiny bit, but none the less). and tears.
but I could hardly feel sorry for her, b/c I had been telling her over and over.
maybe now she will listen to me. and she got the granola bars to hold now.

well, she insisted that she needed a Dora ban-aid. .. so I told her she could get one at home.
she quieted down, and on we went thru the store.
I was just hitting the bargain racks and trying to quickly look thru sizing and all the time I kept popping my head around the carrier to see her.
by now, the cart was full with groceries, so she was kinda wedged in there.
I let my gaurd down for a second , to hear
" aaaaah.. me mom."
"aaaaaaaah..... me mom"
(which in Tatumese means " look at me mom")
and as I looked up, there she was hands in the air,
as I walked around the cart, I saw that she had put the capri sun box up to the edge of the bottom of the cart, and she was standing on it.
totally pulling a Titanic stunt.
I got there just in time to catch her, as she fell onto the edge of the cart.
Now there were full blown tears, and screams, b/c she had whacked herself in the chest .
well, little girl, you better be glad mommy caught you, b/c otherwise the floor would have.
I think her days of a stunt double may be over, at least for one anyway...
she still didn't want to sit down and hold on.
I felt terrible for her, but she did have to learn for herself.
she redeemed herself at the checkout, when she stood up in the cart to carefully place every item onto the counter.
eta: I sometimes come out of Target w/o spending anything. I know shocker right? but it is seriously my happy place.
the fairy tale art was done by the uberly talented Nancy at 2peas.


Nicole said...

How scary! Just FYI - we have some good friends - they at one point had like four kids under five - all close in age... Anyway - one of their sons fell out of a cart at a Wal-Mart - had some serious medical issues - brain injury, headaches, loss of vision, etc. Some of it was temporary - but still! So glad she is okay - and that you can still enjoy trips to Target! I am at the point where I go with a single stroller and make the two older ones walk! Hugs!

Heather Crawford said...

Oh, the joys of todderhood..sorry your happy place has been invaded! but "this too shall pass"..I hate taking my two because for some reason they think it's a playground and can run full sprint down the aisles..especially Chaz..nothing pisses me off more that he does than sprint through

and that fairy picture is ADORABLE! What is it..a canvas or something?

Jocelyn said...

First off, love that pic of your little angel and I am so glad that you were there to catch her....How do we do it with these little ones...My Gavin is a terror and always getting bumps and bruises and sometimes I feel like I am having an anxiety attack by the time the day comes to an end...Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!! :)

Kat said...

beautiful photo!!!! wow!

love the story, aren't 2 year olds fun?

and target is a happy place for sure. though i don't think i've ever been able to leave without spending some money......


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